The Consequence of Many Things

I suspect you like me will be glad to see 2020 come to an end as this year has become a cauldron of Covid, conflict and controversy. As I assess the reality of all of this, I am confronted daily with the impact our new abnormal has had on the building industry. In a...

2018 North Georgia Living Showcase

  Thinking of making North Georgia your home?  Join us for the North Georgia Living Showcase to learn why living here is a happy and healthy choice.  From assisting new residence in finding the right piece of property to the attraction of our mountain sports and...

My Internet is Slow, Or Is It?

  A phrase often heard around the house is “the Internet is really slow.” Sometimes that can be the case, especially in some of the more remote locations in the mountains. However, the Internet is not the only reason for slow web surfing. More times than not it...

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