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Sponsor annual GHCBA events and in turn, help the community! 

We host an annual Fundraiser, the Dave Johnston Classic Golf Tournament , every summer with the proceeds going back to the community in the forms of cash, work services, and scholarships to deserving high school seniors majoring in facets of building and construction. Donations to local community groups such as Lions’ Club, Kids First, and Gilmer Arts and Heritage Association are all made possible by the continued support of the Dave Johnston Classic.

By sponsoring our showcases, you not only promote your own business but you help the community in a variety of ways.  For example, our North Georgia Living Showcase focuses on the benefits of living in our beautiful mountain home while connecting local businesses directly with the community.  Our showcases are fun and informative events, allowing both current and potential residents to have face to face contact with local contractors, suppliers, artisans, realtors, recreational businesses, and more.   

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